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I'm no longer actively maintaining this site, since I'm no longer flying Open Falcon. If you're still using this site and would like to take over the code and maintain it, please contact me at: chrigrov [circle-A] . If nobody contacts me, the site may go down within a few months.
~ Snow

A few words before you start
The database (used to be) a constant work in progress, where news things get added and old things get updated very often. As a result of this, please report it if you find dead links or files that have been updated by the author but not here. Each file is to have a version number when posted here. Some authors make their own version number, while those who do not, the version number is simply the date which the file was posted at its original forum/location.


Categories in the File Database:

Various theaters for Open Falcon 4.5.

2D Cockpits
2D pits for various aircraft, primarily for Open Falcon. May function with other mods aswell.

3D Cockpits
3D pits for various aircraft. Mainly for OF, some may work with other versions.

Various Updates
Contains various improvements and addons, like a tactical reference update, smoke mod etc.

Aircraft Packages
Improvements over current or completely new aircrafts for use with OF4.5.

Training Scripts
Custom made training scripts that teaches you everything from rampstart to navigation.

OF Aircraft Skins
This category is currently being expanded and improved.

Open Falcon Official Downloads
These are the must-have downloads and updates for Open Falcon.

Joystick/HOTAS profiles
Contains profiles and configs for various joysticks and HOTAS systems, for use with OpenFalcon.